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Jason Irwin Clinics

Clinic #1 - $300


This clinic will focus on what it takes to make a well-trained horse that’s calm, confident, and willing. Learn how to get control over each part of a horse’s body and then put those parts together to make different maneuvers. 


Problem Solving

This clinic will cover how to fix a wide range of problems. Some potential issues include spooking, buddy sour, bolting, running back to the barn, resistance, etc.


Clinic #2 - $300

Young Horse Foundation

This clinic covers how to put the basics on a young horse and then how to start moving past the basics and adding some refinement to the training.

‘If the basics are solid it’s surprising how easy to the advanced maneuvers become – when the basics aren’t in place it’s surprising how difficult the easy maneuvers become.’

Bronwyn Irwin Clinic

Clinic - $200

Barrel Racing

In this clinic Bronwyn will be sharing horsemanship exercises that are specific to barrel racing. Horses and riders will learn tips for working on the pattern and problem-solving. This clinic is suitable for riders/horses of all levels.  


Pole Bending

In Bronwyn’s pole bending clinic riders will learn how to be consistent on the pattern. Also, she will share exercises for working on end poles, the weave, horsemanship and problem solving. This clinic is suitable for riders/horses of all levels.

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