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2024 Clinicians

Working Equitation, Working Cow-Horse & Jumping Clinicians


Jill Barron

Jill has held a life-long passion for horses and education. She has been able to marry her passions, which is a rare occasion. Completing her Bachelor's Degree in Education from the University of Alberta and spending five years in the classroom elevated her teaching skills in the arena. Her love of horses soon won her over, and she travelled the world training horses, spending most of her time in Italy and Australia.


Geoff Hoar

Geoff has a proven track record of training horses to compete and win in cutting, cow-horse and roping events. Solid horsemanship is the backbone of his training program and allows him to get the best out of each horse. Geoff has winnings in the snaffle bit, hackamore and bridle competitions. Geoff also brings a unique perspective and trained eye as he is a NRCHA judge.

connie dorsch.jpg

Connie Dorsch

I started in Pony Club in Regina Saskatchewan, and I attained my ‘A’ Level.  I started teaching pony club, giving clinics, and testing ‘B’ Level Pony Clubbers as well.  In 1973, I was on the original founding committee of The Saskatchewan Horse Federation.  I served as President of that Federation from 1994-1999 and then again from 2000-2002.  In 1978 I was on the founding committee of the Saskatchewan Hunter Jumper Association and served as president from 1980-2004.  I served on the Equine Canada executive committee for six years as well as an additional three years on the human relations committee of Equine Canada.  I have been a Senior judge of hunters, jumpers, hack and Huntseat equitation for over 20 years.  I am also a large RUSEF judge in all those divisions.  I actively judge and give numerous riding and judging clinics across Canada as well as the US.  Over the years as co-owner of Dorsch Farms, I sold horses that went to compete in the Olympic Games as well as the World Champions.  Many horses were sold to junior and amateur riders that competed at high levels.  My students have competed up to the highest levels with excellent results.

Trainer’s Challenge Competitors


Rod Olsen

Rod is an accomplished Farrier and Horseman, training many horses in a variety of different disciplines. If there is one thing that all of Rod’s horses have in common, it's that they all have a great start to them. His love for the trade is evident. Passion and determination make sure that he never tires of the challenges. He lives by the principle of, “leave ‘em better than you found ‘em,” whether it be towards the human kind or the four legged.

Rod is a very decorated horse trainer, with a lot of accomplishments under his belt. Including winning many challenges, and we're proud to have him be a part of our Trainer's Challenge this year!


Braden Bernier

Braden Bernier and his wife Kelsie own a ranch in Red Deer Hill, Saskatchewan, where he trains horses and provides various equine services. Braden grew up in a family where horses had a job and a purpose on the ranch. From a young age he started horses with his mother, father, and grandfather. Later he took a job starting colts for a well-respected horseman and horse trainer at the age of 15. It was then he started riding horses for the public. The following years he rode community pasture, started colts, and attended horse shoeing school all while finishing high school and achieving his Bachelor of Education degree. After university Braden moved away for a few more years to ride in different country and attend further schooling in Idaho. In Idaho he was fortunate to meet someone who became one of his best friends and helped shape some of his style of horsemanship. 

Horses and horsemanship are a large part Braden’s life. Having horses interwoven into his life has instilled an unwavering passion to help horses find their greatest success and talents. His entire focus when working with horses is to ensure horses can take on any task at their best.  Getting one confident and willing to demonstrate “try” is Braden’s main goal with the horse. He believes the horse needs to be allowed to search to find the right answer in their own way. Braden takes pride in being a horseman and giving horses a skill set for a productive future no matter their discipline. 


Wylene Wilson

Wylene Wilson grew up in Arizona riding any and every horse that came through her mother’s boarding facility. She took every opportunity she could to work with and learn from “problem” horses and made a name for herself in the community as a true horsewoman. She has been a professional horse trainer for over 20 years and is no stranger to competitions. She’s competed in rodeo circuits, Extreme Cowboy races, and has developed a strong presence in the Mustang Heritage’s programs. To date she has participated in over 14 Extreme Mustang Makeovers, where she captured three Makeover Championship titles and many top finalist positions. She has also had the opportunity to judge the competition.


Her fearless, daredevil style and effervescent personality garnered her the name “Extreme Wylene”. She has been featured in films such as “Wild Horse, Wild Ride” and NatGeo Wilds “Mustang Millionaire” three part series where she was able to showcase her training style. 


While she still competes, she spends most of her time traveling and teaching confidence building and horsemanship clinics, for both horses and riders, using her own unique approach. She focuses around motivating each to excel and be their very best, safely and confidently. Wylene is passionate about helping others develop a different frame of mind by building their confidence and offering them lifemanship skills. She love teaching people how to become their own trainer by helping young girls and boys rise in the horse industry. She is fearless and fun and you will walk away with a smile on your face that you can't erase. Her leadership ability helps to not only guide horses that are deamed untrainable and unrideable but also riders that are unconfident and fearful, in turn helping both go to the next level. Her objective is to create a ripple effect that will touch the lives of many with her Soul Search Equine Retreats and Surf and Saddle Events. 

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