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Agri-Visions Speakers

Keynote Speaker

Quick Dick McDick Picture.jpg

Quick Dick McDick

Dickson Delorme grew up on a community pasture north of Tuffnell, SK and after graduating high school, like many young Saskatchewanians, headed to work in the oilpatch. In 2019, he moved back home to Saskatchewan and accidentally created a social media persona named Quick Dick McDick.

Now when he's not busy pulling calves, driving truck or planting crop, he spends his time showing us about farming, fossil fuels, how silly our government can be and a whole bunch of other goofy things we do in our everyday lives.

Session Speaker

Joy Agnew Picture.jpg

Joy Agnew

Joy grew up on a grain farm near Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and earned her Ph.D. in Ag/Bio Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan. She joined Olds College in January 2019 where she oversees the Olds College Centre for Innovation (OCCI), the research division of the College, which focuses on applied research in crop and livestock production with a focus on technology integration and data utilization to improve productivity and sustainability of food production. Joy is also past president of the Canadian Society of Bioengineering and is an adjunct professor at the University of Saskatchewan. In 2021, Joy was named one of Canada’s top 50 most influential people in Canadian Ag by Canadian Western Agribition. 

Leigh Anderson Picture.jpg

Leigh Anderson

Leigh joined FCC in 2015 as a Senior Agricultural Economist. Specializing in monitoring and analyzing FCC’s portfolio, industry health and providing industry risk analysis. Prior to FCC, Leigh worked in the policy branch of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture. He holds a Master of Agricultural Economics degree from the University of Saskatchewan.

Chris Beaudry Picture.jpg

Chris Beaudry

Chris Beaudry was born in Edmonton and raised in Calgary and St Front Sk. He’s a father of 3 young girls, husband to his wife Richelle, and a 4th generation farmer. Chris was an assistant coach with the 2017/18 Humboldt Broncos, who were tragically involved in the bus crash that killed 16 players and staff. Since then, Chris has been heavily involved in the field of mental health and healing. He has trained under Dr. Gabor Mate, Don Miguel Ruiz, Lama Sonia Potie, and many others.

Joe Devine Photo.png

Joe Devine

Joe grew up on his family farm near Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He grew up working with his father, Brad Devine of Thunder Creek Angus, raising pure bred black angus cattle. After completing his economics degree and his football career at the University of Alberta, he has embarked on a career in investment management at Scotia Wealth Management. 

Joe believes that a proactive and efficient investment plan is essential to anyone who has worked hard and saved their money. With a financial planning foundation, Joe and the team will work with you to determine the right investment strategies to help protect and grow your wealth in a tax-efficient manner. He works almost exclusively with those in the agricultural world as he believes a common understanding of each clients risks, beliefs and background is essential for a healthy partnership.  

Shorty Fensky Photo_edited.jpg

Shorty Fensky

I farm with my brother Cevin southwest of Thorsby in Leduc County, AB.  We have a mixed 480 acre farm of grain and cattle where soil health is the primary focus. 

We farm using the soil health principles to guide us in our decision making. We have decided to do what’s best for the soil first and what best for the plants and animals second, as everything comes from the soil. In order to do this, observing Nature (in the fields, pastures, forests, waterways and roadways) is critical. She is telling us a story with her plants and animal habits, we simply need to learn how to read her story. Learning about compost and soil biology have also been key in our regenerative farming journey. Because of this, a microscope is a must on our farm. 

We find the positive in any situation. A positive mindset has really helped take our operation to a different level. And we are much happier for it.

Brenna Grant Picture.jpg

Brenna Grant

Brenna grew up on a cow-calf and yearling 
grasser operation is SW Saskatchewan. She has been with Canfax since 2007

Dawn Hnatow Picture.jpg

Dawn Hnatow

Dawn Hnatow was raised on her family’s 
ranch near Marwayne, Alberta.  She spent 10 years at Vee Tee Feeders in Lloydminster where she worked with Bud Williams on a daily basis.  She spent another 2 years working closely with Bud and Eunice in Texas where she resides today and manages her own ranching operation.   Dawn is Bud’s most senior student and, as such, is in high demand for teaching and consulting.

Paul Kernaleguen Photo_edited.jpg

Paul Kernaleguen

Paul is a dairy producer from Birch Hills, SK. 
He grew up on a mixed farm consisting of dairy, cow/calf, feedlot and grain. He milks 115 Holstein on 2 Lely Robots, with his wife and parents. He moved to regenerative agriculture practices 8 years ago in both cropping an dgrazing. He tries to implement and keep the soil health principles at the forefront during his decision making process!

Trent Klarenbach Picture.jpg

Trent Klarenbach

Trent is a market technician using Technicial Analysis strategies to determine where the price has come from, where it is now andwhere it can go. Trent holds a Bachelor
of Science in Agricultural Economics from University of Saskatchewan.

Twyla Jones Picture.jpg

Twyla Jones

Twyla Jones is a Manager of Agronomic Services for Nutrien Ag Solutions in East Central Alberta. She completed her degree from the University of Alberta in 1997, majoring in Crop Science and started with Alberta Pool shortly after graduation. Twyla’s favorite part of her job is teaching and mentoring individuals new to the profession. She is an active member of the Alberta Institute of Agrologists where she practices in the Crop Development and Green House Gas practice areas. She has a keen interest in the advancement of evidence-based Agrology. She resides on the family farm near Paradise Valley where she, her husband and her two girls run a mixed farming operation. 

Clinton Monchuk Picture.jpg

Clinton Monchuk

Clinton Monchuk grew up on a mixed dairy, beef and grain family farm outside of Lanigan, Saskatchewan.  He received his Bachelors of Science in Agriculture majoring in Agricultural Economics from the University of Saskatchewan and Masters of Business Administration in Agriculture from the University of Guelph.  Clinton has enjoyed numerous roles across Canada, the United States and Mexico as a researcher, educator, manager, economist and director of trade policy. In 2016 Clinton accepted the role of Executive Director with Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan to promote farming and ranching to consumers.  Clinton understands the value of increasing public trust in agriculture and actively promotes engagement between the agriculture industry and consumers.  Clinton, Laura and their children Jackson and Katelyn, continue to be active partners on their family grain and layer farm in Saskatchewan and cattle ranch in Oklahoma.

Trent Wennekamp Picture.jpg

Trent Wennekamp

Dr. Trent Wennekamp was born and raised in Lloydminster, on his parents mixed farm southwest of town. He took his undergraduate training at the University of Alberta, and then went on to receive his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2001, from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon. Trent worked overseas for a year in New Zealand as a veterinarian before joining the Lloydminster Animal Hospital in 2002. He went on to receive his Master of Science in Large Animal Clinical Sciences in 2020.  

Carol Bouck Picture.jpg

Carol Bouck

Carol Bouck has worked in the insurance 
industry for over 30 years.  Carol obtained her Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker designation in 1997.  She joined Foster Park Brokers in 2018 to lead their Agriculture Department. Carol grew up on a mixed cattle and hay ranch in BC’s interior.  She provides agriculture insurance to farming operations in the 3 western provinces.  Carol is dedicated to working with her clients to put an insurance portfolio in place that reflects the needs of each client.  She brings an insight onto the farm that is rarely seen in the insurance world. 

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