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The Lloydminster Agricultural Exhibition Association has been a dedicated pillar in our community for over 116 years. The Exhibition exists to grow and develop our agricultural, social, and cultural sectors throughout our entire region. The Lloyd Ex is more than just a physical place; our venues create a sense of belonging and provide a community where people can gather, connect, educate and find resources that are relevant and accessible. In previous years, 800 + events per year were attended by over 250,000 visitors annually, generating over $47 million worth of economic impact to the region.


Times have been challenging lately. Many events have been cancelled or adapted to adhere to restrictions as we navigate through the Covid-19 pandemic. Through this foundation, individuals and businesses will be able to donate to offer their support. We rely on these generous gifts from community members to ensure we can continue to offer essential programming, scholarships, and programs that will benefit youth pursuing education or careers in agriculture, and events in the future. Thank you to all those who have supported us!


Since 1906, our organization has owed its success to the dedication and hard work of volunteers. It takes many helping hands to make each event possible, and we’d like to thank our past and present volunteers for their effort and overall contribution to the Lloyd Ex.


If you are interested in volunteering with us, please fill out the form.

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